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Feedback and some updates

Hello Everyone!

1st Quarter of 2023 is done (well, almost). It was a pleasure hosting all of you during our Spring 2023 Virtual Board of Governors Review Sessions. 10 weeks of studying. As a group that believes in continuous process improvements, please help us get better and fill out the survey

Some updates:

  • Starting Summer 2023 (to be determined), we will be charing $50 per person for 1 year access to the website and the materials. We will also be opening to the public and not just the Joint Federal Sector!

    • Costs will go towards managing of the website. All instructors will still be volunteers and materials from our website will still be free and no additional cost

  • ACHE has confirmed that a new practice exam will be released around summer of 2023. This will most likely be a paid product (price is to be determined)

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